This website is in place to ascertain whether there is an inherent problem with the steering in Honda Pilots.

A few facts before you read on. After Googling about my own steering wheel vibration issues, I noticed that I was not the only one having this problem. I will briefly explain the process I have gone through at which point I will let you, the educated consumer, decide if signing up on this list is the proper recourse for managing your concerns.

My wife and I purchased a Honda certified 2005 Pilot with under 40k miles on the odometer. The car was in great shape and we were excited to own a newer car that, with the certification and extended warranty, would afford us some worry free miles.

The Honda dealer that we purchased the Pilot from proceeded putting the vehicle through the certification process. In the case of our Pilot this meant new rotors and tires, in order to pass Honda certified requirements.

A brand new set of Yokohama tires were installed and we were on our way with our newly certified Honda. As seems the case in life, nothing ever is smooth as one would care for. Immediately upon driving the Pilot at highway speeds we noticed that the steering wheel was vibrating, what in my many years of driving, was an uncalled for amount.

With my fresh concerns I went right back to the dealer complaining of this vibration. At this point I was confident that the dealer would figure out the issue quickly and I would be on my way.
The dealer suggested, as would be logical, that perhaps they didn’t get the balancing right and that they would re-balance the tires. They rebalanced the tires, mind you without taking the vehicle out for a test drive. When we got the Pilot back the vibration was now worse.

I brought the vehicle back in to the shop, they took it for the day. The Service manager thought that the tires would need to be load balanced to solve the problem. This dealer did not own a load balancer so they sent the tires to another shop to load balance them. I picked up the Pilot only to feel the steering wheel shaking just as much. Of course, as any consumer would feel, I was not content, for the problem was not fixed.

I proceeded to bring the Honda back to the shop, where the service department acknowledged that the vibration was still as bad. They suggested another set of tires be put on, this time a different make. I believe Michelins were installed, again they did a standard balance on the tires. To my dismay the vibration was worse. of course my patients level was starting to diminish. Bringing the Pilot back they load balanced the new tires; The vibration was still present and as bad as before.

In an effort to help solve the problem I Googled “Honda Pilot steering wheel vibration” I noticed a lot of info that I shared with the service manager. One possible solution that was mentioned was to install the OEM tires which were Goodyear Integrity tires. We now opted to try this solution. When I got the Pilot back the vibration was less, however when I say less I mean that instead of vibrating heavily at 65 it was a noticeable vibration.

I think that at this point the dealer was loosing money on the sale of this Pilot. I complained once again about the vibration. Some might say that  I am  being picky about this vibration but in all my years of owning cars including some real doozies I have never had a vibration of this sort.
So as the prior sentence alluded to, about the dealer loosing money, the dealer now told me that the vibration was within spec ( I feel that this was there way of saying get lost ).

Of course now, feeling jaded, I thought I would step up the heat and contact Honda’s customer service. Customer service did log my complaint and after contacting the dealership informed me that the vibration was within spec. Now being more annoyed then I cared for, I made a plea to customer service that if I was in Texas (where the speed limit is 80mph in some sections) or any other of the states where the speed limit is greater then 65mph that this vibration would not be in spec. I was rudely informed that I lived in NY and that I would have to bring the Pilot into a dealer in Texas where thy would be able to go faster then 65mph legally to test my complaint of vibration. After some escalated banter back and forth I finally got the customer service rep to note on my account that they would honor, in NY, any problems that may be found at a later date in Texas or any other state with a faster speed limit, of course that is assuming that I ever get to one of these states.

All of this being said, I not only feel like Honda is not backing their product, but I felt I needed to get this off of my chest and also help others who may have this problem.
I am not sure if this is an isolated incident or a full blown problem with Pilots, but if there is any way to get Honda to acknowledge the problem it will be only if enough people complain that it is a problem.